Re: [R] some EPS rotated in journal preview

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Thu 19 Jan 2006 - 00:45:26 EST

The problem is a well-known one in viewers looking at whole pages, especially PS -> PDF converters. R figures are particularly vulnerable as they have text running both horizontally and vertically (with normal axes).

Please do follow exactly the advice on the postscript help page.

      The postscript produced for a single R plot is EPS (_Encapsulated
      PostScript_) compatible, and can be included into other documents,
      e.g., into LaTeX, using '\includegraphics{<filename>}'.  For use
      in this way you will probably want to set 'horizontal = FALSE,
      onefile = FALSE, paper = "special"'.

If you have done that, suggest to your publisher that they turn autorotation off.

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006, Knut Krueger wrote:

> I am trying to send a manuscript to a journal.

> One of the figures build by R is in the right orientation and 4 are
> rotated clockwise 90 deg in the preview.

> I used the right click save to PS option and I used the command line
> postscript("c:/temp/fig04.eps",bg="transparent",onefile = TRUE
> ,pointsize=20,paper = "letter",height=8,width=8,horizontal=FALSE,family
> = "Helvetica", font = "Helvetica")
> I treed Horizontal=TRUE Ghostsript show the rotated image but not the
> preview from the journal. :-(

> Is there anything to change that the - unknown system - of the journal
> will be forced to display the image in the right direction?

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