Re: [R] some EPS rotated in journal preview

From: Knut Krueger <>
Date: Thu 19 Jan 2006 - 03:09:17 EST

Marc Schwartz schrieb:

>On Wed, 2006-01-18 at 13:04 +0100, Knut Krueger wrote:
>One of the first things to do is to use 'onefile = FALSE', 'horizontal =
>FALSE' and paper = "special"'.
I am afraid the problem is on the journals side, because the "wrong" postscript line (with "letter" )is working and I changed the postscript options between both examples no change in the behaviour of the pdf creator of the journal.

>This is in the Details section of ?postscript, which provides guidance
>on the creation of EPS files for inclusion in publications.
>I would try that to see if that provides a more consistent formatting of
>the plots.

>You don't indicate what you are using to create the manuscript itself
>(ie. Word, LaTeX, or ?) to help us in considering other possibilities
>(such as auto rotation).
The journal collects the figures once by once after the manuscript in the original file format.
to solve the problem I could change it to tiff and submit it, but the tiff files are look ing not as good as eps files.

>If the above does not help, please provide a reproducible example of the
>plot code and what you are using for the manuscript.
for your information:
the same problem occurs if I plot the data to the graphic device and use the right button -> create postscript file One is not rotated the others are rotated.

Hope the code helps without data:

<-function(x.barplot,x.barcolors,x.xrowlist,cexaxis=0.7,x.thick=F) {

    if (countmax > 0)
    for (count in 1:countmax)

    {     for(count2 in 1:countmax)x.labels[count2]<-""
        x.labels[count] <- x.xrowlist[count]
        axis(1, at=x.barplot, tick=x.thick, labels=x.labels, 
col.axis=x.barcolors[count], cex.axis=cexaxis)    

    }#end if (countmax > 0)
    else "Message from colored.barlabel: Nothing to do"


postscript("c:/temp//",bg="transparent",onefile = TRUE ,pointsize=20,paper = "letter",height=8,width=8,horizontal=FALSE,family = "Helvetica", font = "Helvetica")
barcolors <-
c(boxcolor1_3,boxcolor1_3,boxcolor1_3,boxcolor4,boxcolor5,boxcolor6,boxcolor7,boxcolor8,boxcolor9,boxcolor10) xrow <-c(mean1,mean2,mean8,mean71,mean72,mean78,mean79,mean85,mean86,mean92)

sdrow<-c(sd1,sd2,sd8,sd71,sd72,sd78,sd79,sd85,sd86,sd92) ci.l<-xrow-sdrow/2

xrowlist <- c("Day 1","Day 2","Day 3","Day 4","Day 5","Day 6","Day 7","Day 8","Day 9","Day 10")
t.barplot<-barplot2(xrow,col =
barcolors,cex.lab=1.2,,ci.l=ci.l,ci.u=ci.h,ylab="mean time till following in sec.")
barcolors <-
c("black","black","black","black","black","black","black","black","black","black",) colored.barlabels(t.barplot,barcolors,xrowlist,0.7,F)

this is the not rotated figure
ant the follwoing is rotated
outl.text <-function(boxdata,input = FALSE) {

    if (countmax > 0)
    for (count in 1:countmax)

    { <-boxdata$out[count]
        if (input==TRUE) <- readline(paste("text for value 
boxplot Nr:",toString(boxdata$group[count])," - value: ",toString(boxdata$out[count]),": "))


    }#end if (countmax > 0)
    else "Message from outl.text: no outlier"


postscript("c:/r/anschluss/plots/",height=8,width=8,bg="transparent",pointsize=20,horizontal = FALSE,onefile = FALSE, paper = "special",family = "Helvetica", font = "Helvetica")


boxplot.names <-c("day 1","day 2","day 3") # Vektor für namen erzeugen  

boxdata <- boxplot(day1,day2,day3,
col = boxcolor,names=boxplot.names,ylab="time till following in sec.",cex.lab=size.x.lab,xlab="",cex.lab=size.y.lab )

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