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From: Berton Gunter <>
Date: Thu 19 Jan 2006 - 03:13:27 EST

I'm afraid you're a day late and a dollar short: see ?na.exclude.

lm() has been around longer than you have, maybe, and is thus pretty well optimized. Not perfect, mind you, but I think it unlikely that "casual" suggestions haven't already been considered.

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> Folks,
> I do a series of regressions (one for each quarter in the dataset) and
> then go and extract the residuals from each stored lm object that is
> returned as follows:
> vResiduals <- as.vector(unlist(resid(lQuarterlyRegressions[[i]])));
> Here lQuarterlyRegressions is a vector of objects returned by lm().
> Next, I may go find outliers using identify() on a plot or do some
> other analysis which tells me which row of the quarterly data I need
> to take a closer look at.
> However, if I try to match some point in one of the quarters that I
> have with its residual, then I have to drop the points from my
> "current Data" which have NA's for either the explanatory variables or
> the explained, so that the vector or residuals and the data have the
> same indexes.
> This lead to some serious confusion/bugs for me, and I am wondering if
> it might not be better for lm to put an NA into those rows where the
> point was dropped because of NA's in the explanatory or explained
> variables (currently it just returns nothing at that index). Ofcourse,
> there might be some arguments against this idea, and I would be
> interested to hear them.
> Thank you for your time and attention,
> -- Vivek Satsangi
> Student, Rochester, NY USA
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