Re: [R] matrix export

From: Sean Davis <>
Date: Fri 20 Jan 2006 - 06:09:47 EST

On 1/19/06 2:05 PM, "Eric Pante" <> wrote:

> Thanks, Bert
> write.table won't do the trick, because distance matrices in R are
> presented as lower triangular matrices. write.table "cannot coerce
> class "dist" into a data.frame".
> maybe there is a way to transform the lower triangular matrix into a
> full matrix, and then use write.table ?

Did you try as.matrix()?

>From the dist() help page:

     'as.dist()' is a generic function.  Its default method handles
     objects inheriting from class '"dist"', or coercible to matrices
     using 'as.matrix()'.

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