Re: [R] reducing learning curves?

From: Drew <>
Date: Thu 26 Jan 2006 - 00:22:36 EST

In regards to text editors:

If you are a Unix user, I'd recommend Emacs (although it has its own large
learning curve.) On Windows I use PSpad
( because it is easy
to use and learn and has some of the features you request: syntax
highlighting, code completion, code builder, among many other features I
find useful.


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Subject: [R] reducing learning curves?

Hi all,

I am really new to the R language. I am a long time Matlab and C++ user and
I was "forced" to learn R because I am taking a statistics class.

I am seeking to reduce the learning curve to as smooth as possible.

Are there any addon/plug-in features that can reduce the learning curve, for
example, the following features can be very helpful for new learners:

  1. Matlab-like command line auto-completion: Matlab has huge amount of command and nobody is able to remember them off the head. So a nice feature of Matlab command line is that I just need to type the first a few letters and then I press "TAB" key, there will be a list of possible commands popping up so I just need to select one. This helps a lot in terms of learning for new comers. A more advanced command auto-completion is Visual C++-like, which is implemented in program editor. It helps a lot while doing programming;
  2. A good IDE editor with embedded inline debugger: can be as good as VC++, but also can be as simple as Matlab's debugger, which can breakpoint and trace line-by-line... the editor can do syntax correction, syntax check, syntax highlighting, code formatting, etc.

Could you please recommend some good addon/plugins that have the above

Could you please also suggest some tips/tools/tricks that can help me reduce
the learning curve?

Thank you very much!


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