[R] Log-Likelihood 3d-plot and contourplot / optim() starting values

From: <voodooochild_at_gmx.de>
Date: Thu 26 Jan 2006 - 04:04:05 EST


i have coded the following loglikelihood-function

# Log-Likelihood-Funktion

loglik_jm<-function(N,phi,t) {

# the data


# now i want to do a 3d-plot and a contourplot in order to see at which
values of N and phi the loglikelihood function becomes zero.
# i do this in order to get an idea where the starting values for a
optimization for the mle of N could be

# 3dplot and contourplot


persp(phi,N,z, theta = 30, phi = 30, expand = 0.5, col = "lightblue") contourplot(z~N*phi)

# but i get some error messages, i don't know why?

# if you are interested, the mle function for N is

ll2 <- function(N,t) {



# you get this function as usual, if you set the loglikelihood equal
zero and differentiate for N
# i take the squares of ll2 in order to get the minimum easier

ll3<-function(N,t) {

# then i do an iteration to get the mle of N


# the problem is that this method only works well, if the starting
values for optim() are very close to the real value!
# so i got the idea with contourplot() and persp() to see where good
starting values could be.

i would be very thankful if anyone could give me some advice!


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