Re: [R] is.integer() function

From: Barry Rowlingson <>
Date: Thu 26 Jan 2006 - 05:10:27 EST

Duncan Murdoch wrote:

> Here "numeric vector" is being used in the R-specific technical sense as
> a vector of double precision values, so the documentor was trying hard
> to be precise. The problem is that English also admits the
> interpretation in a non-technical sense as a vector of numbers. I
> believe your country is to blame for the language. :-)

  But can "numeric vector" in the "R-specific technical sense" also mean a vector of integer (representation) values? It passes is.numeric() and is.vector():

 > x=1:3
 > is.numeric(x)
[1] TRUE
 > is.vector(x)
[1] TRUE
 > is.integer(x)
[1] TRUE   Unless by the "R-specific technical sense of 'numeric vector'" you dont mean something for which is.numeric() and is.vector() are both true. Which is perverse. But then large chunks of R are. Anyway, is this right:

is.RSpecificTechnicalSenseNumericVector=function(v){is.numeric(v) & is.double(v)}

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