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From: Kevin E. Thorpe <>
Date: Sat 28 Jan 2006 - 23:52:30 EST

Daniel Nordlund wrote:
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>>On Fri, 27 Jan 2006, Daniel Nordlund wrote:
>>>I am new user of Linux (have been using Win XP Pro) and wanted to
>>>install R. Since I am just beginning to learn Linux I was wondering,
>>>where in the directory structure do users of Linux usually install R?
>>>Most of the instructions I have read simply say to untar the tarball
>>>where you want to install the program. Any suggestions would be welcome
>>>as to an appropriate place. I know I could get an rpm, but wanted to
>>>use this as a learning process for a variety of skills. Currently
>>>working with SuSE 9.1
>>There is a definitive set of instructions, in the file INSTALL in
>>the tarball and at
>>Unpacking and installing are separate operations. There is more
>>information in the R-admin manual (which you already have in a Windows
>>version of R, and is also in the tarball).
>>What most of us do is to untar in any convenient place (I use ~/R), use
>>configure, make, and then use 'make install' to >install< R. This
>>installs in /usr/local in the conventional subdirectories (and
>>conventionally needs su to access). Having installed, you can wipe out
>>the unpacked version of the tarball.
>>So, in my example
>>cd ~/R
>>tar zxf R-2.2.1.tar.gz
>>cd R-2.2.1
>>make info pdf
>>make install install-info install-pdf
>>[leave su shell]
>>cd ..
>>rm -rf R-2.2.1
>>Rehash and start R.
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> Prof. Ripley,
> Thanks for the example and the pointers to various locations for documentation.  As a new user of Linux (with minimal experience in using Unix-like systems), I am somewhat uncomfortable putting programs just anywhere since there seem to be default locations for where many system programs reside.  Your concrete example is very helpful.
> Thanks again,
> Daniel Nordlund
> Bothell, WA  USA

One additional point. I have often found it preferable to run configure and make as a regular user and only run 'make install' as root.

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