[R] SoS! How to predict new values using linear regression models?

From: Michael <comtech.usa_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon 30 Jan 2006 - 09:11:30 EST

Hi all,

After trial and error by myself for a few hours, I decide to ask for your help.

I have a training set which is a matrix of size 200 x 2, where the two columns denote each independent variable. I have 200 observations.


where trainingClass denotes the true classes of the training data.

Now I want to apply the model to predict new data:

> gg=predict(result, data.frame(X1=1, X2=2))
Warning message:
'newdata' had 1 rows but variable(s) found have 200 rows

That's to say, I provide a new data which is one observation of 2 independent variables(1 row, two columns). I converted it into data frame.

However, the R never gives me new predication value for this NEW ONE observation. Instead, it keeps giving me the above warning and keeps printing the fitted value for the 200 training samples...

That's very bad.

Please help me!

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