Re: [R] Timeliness of precompiled binaries--R-2.2.1 still not available as RPM

From: Peter Dalgaard <>
Date: Tue 31 Jan 2006 - 04:53:19 EST

Gavin Simpson <> writes:

> On Mon, 2006-01-30 at 08:38 -0800, Waichler, Scott R wrote:
> > R-2.2.1 is still not available for Redhat Linux as an RPM on CRAN. It
> > is available as an SRPM. Can someone fill me in on why it takes so long
> > to make RPMs available? I would be happy to help make the RPMs for el4
> > and el3 if such help is needed.
> Because someone has to volunteer their time to create such things -
> these are not automatically built by R-Core members. Martyn Plummer has
> done this for as long as I've been using R...
> ...Mores the point, though, which CRAN mirror were you looking at? R
> 2.2.1 was in all the EL3/4 and FC3/4 i386 and x86_64 directories I could
> be bothered to look at on the UK Bristol mirror for example.

Not in EL4 on CRAN master, as far as I can see...

It's not only volunteer time that matters. They also need access to a machine that runs the OS version in question, which I suspect could be the issue here.

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