[R] R CMD check barfs at 'suggested' package

From: Alexander Ploner <Alexander.Ploner_at_meb.ki.se>
Date: Thu 02 Feb 2006 - 00:24:35 EST

I have been running R CMD check for the first time on of our own packages, which otherwise builds, installs and runs just fine. The package depends on package akima and suggests package multtest; suggesting multtest is indicated because a) it loads a lot of other Bioconductor packages, very slowly, and b) it is only needed for one specific subroutine, which executes require(multtest) every time it's called.

Now, when I run R CMD check on our package, it terminates when checking the examples in the documentation, claiming that

Error in .C("get_stat", as.double(tmp$X), as.integer(tmp$m), as.integer(tmp$n), :

         "C" function name not in DLL for package 'multtest' Execution halted

A closer look at the output in the -Ex.Rout file shows that this does indeed happen when calling the function mt.teststat in multtest, to which this piece of code belongs. It also shows however, that this only happens in the *second* chunk of example code containing the calling function; before that, three calls to the offending function in the first chunk (ie in a different .Rd file) are executed just fine. Furthermore, if I change the status of multtest from Suggests to Depends in the DESCRIPTION file, R CMD check processes our package without problem.

My impression is that R gets confused when re-loading multtest for the second chunk of example code (for what it's worth, the offending .C("get_stat"...) does have a PACKAGE argument).

My question now: Is there any way of avoiding this problem without loading multtest by default? Would e.g. using a namespace help? If so, how specifically? Etc.?

Thanks for your time (and expertise),


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