Re: [R] R CMD check barfs at 'suggested' package

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Thu 02 Feb 2006 - 02:12:38 EST

R never reloads a package if not asked to, and it is usually users (not R) who `get confused'.

Specifying Suggests: multtest just tells 'check' that it needs to be available: it does not tell R to load it. (It also tells install.packages enough to install it if you asked for dependencies to be installed.)

This appears to stem from an error in multtest. The example-checking tests (and not R generically) do try to reset the environment after each example, and that includes detaching packages that the example caused to be loaded. Detaching a package does not unload its DLL, but a package's .Last.lib can do so. However, multtest does so incorrectly, via a call to dyn.unload not library.dynam.unload.

Namespaces will not help as multtest does not have one (at least in the version I looked at).

I suggest R-devel would be a better list for questions about developing packages. (But for now please take this up with multtest maintainer.)

On Wed, 1 Feb 2006, Alexander Ploner wrote:

> I have been running R CMD check for the first time on of our own
> packages, which otherwise builds, installs and runs just fine. The
> package depends on package akima and suggests package multtest;
> suggesting multtest is indicated because a) it loads a lot of other
> Bioconductor packages, very slowly, and b) it is only needed for one
> specific subroutine, which executes require(multtest) every time it's
> called.
> Now, when I run R CMD check on our package, it terminates when
> checking the examples in the documentation, claiming that
> Error in .C("get_stat", as.double(tmp$X), as.integer(tmp$m),
> as.integer(tmp$n), :
> "C" function name not in DLL for package 'multtest'
> Execution halted
> A closer look at the output in the -Ex.Rout file shows that this
> does indeed happen when calling the function mt.teststat in multtest,
> to which this piece of code belongs. It also shows however, that this
> only happens in the *second* chunk of example code containing the
> calling function; before that, three calls to the offending function
> in the first chunk (ie in a different .Rd file) are executed just
> fine. Furthermore, if I change the status of multtest from Suggests
> to Depends in the DESCRIPTION file, R CMD check processes our package
> without problem.
> My impression is that R gets confused when re-loading multtest for
> the second chunk of example code (for what it's worth, the
> offending .C("get_stat"...) does have a PACKAGE argument).
> My question now: Is there any way of avoiding this problem without
> loading multtest by default? Would e.g. using a namespace help? If
> so, how specifically? Etc.?
> Thanks for your time (and expertise),
> alexander
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