Re: [R] norm package prelim.norm

From: Ted Harding <>
Date: Thu 02 Feb 2006 - 02:44:38 EST

On 01-Feb-06 Elizabeth Lawson wrote:
> Hey eveyone! I hope someone can help wiht this question. I have a
> matirux of all zeros and ones and I would like to indentify all unique
> patterns in the rows andthe number of times the pattern occurs. I
> changed all zeros to NA tried to use prelim.norm to identify all
> patterns of missing data in the rows. I got the message
> Warning message:
> NAs introduced by coercion
> Any ideas of how to get this to work? Or are there any way to
> indentify all the unique patterns in a huge matrix? ( 10000 x 71)
> Thanks for any suggestions!!
> Elizabeth Lawson

I think Chuck Celand has pretty well answered it: Don't worry about the warning, since I'm pretty sure it is generated when prelim.norm is calculating something else (e.g. the covariance matrix) and it is not related to generating prelim.norm(X)$r which is the list of patterns and the numbers of times they occur.

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