[R] inserting one backslash

From: RH Koning <mailing-lists_at_rhkoning.com>
Date: Thu 02 Feb 2006 - 04:49:48 EST

Hello, I am not very familiar with regular expressions and escaping. I need to replace the %-signs in a character vector with elements as "income 0%-33%# to be replaced by "income 0\%-33\%" (for later use in LaTeX). Using

gsub("%","\\%","income 0%-33%")

does not give the desired result. However, gsub("%","\\\\%","income 0%-33%") gives "income 0\\%-33\\%", one backslash too much. What is the appropriate expression to get the desired output (one backslash before each %-sign)?

I am using R 2.1.0 on suse linux 9.2.

Thanks, Ruud

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