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From: Christos Hatzis <>
Date: Thu 02 Feb 2006 - 18:28:57 EST

You were close with mapply. You can pass the labels as a second argument to your function
To take advantage of the vectorized nature of mapply:

mapply(function(x,y) barplot(table(x), xlab = 'Result', main=paste("Group",y,sep="-")),
 split(result, group), levels(group))


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Subject: [R] Titles in plots generated within tapply

How would one go about putting titles in each of several plots that are generated from within a call to tapply? For example I'd like the following two barplots to have titles 'Group 1' and 'Group 2', where '1' and '2' come from the levels of 'group'.

group <- gl(2, 10)
result <- sample(c('A', 'B'), size=length(group), replace=TRUE) windows(7, 4) par(mfrow = c(1, 2)) tapply(result, group,

       function(x) barplot(table(x), xlab = 'Result'))

I found something close to what I'm looking for here So I tried

mapply(function(x) barplot(table(x), xlab = 'Result'),   split(result, group), main = levels(group))

Error in function (x) : unused argument(s) (main ...)

(I expected to get titles of '1' and '2'. Not exactly what I asked for in the question, but it would have been progress.)

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