[R] readline detection problems

From: Benjamin Otto <b.otto_at_uke.uni-hamburg.de>
Date: Fri 03 Feb 2006 - 00:09:45 EST

Dear community,

I'm trying to install R-2.2.1 on an IRIX 6.2 (Unix System V Release 4) system without root access. Unfortunately readline is not installed in default, so I installed it locally in my home directory, more precisely in: $HOME/vol/readline-5.1, where $HOME is "/home3/fa/faga001". Afterwards I appended the path to the library with several $PATH variable, which now looks like:

PATH=:/usr/sbin:/usr/bsd:/sbin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/local/bin:/us r/freeware/bin:/usr/local/bin:.:/home3/fa/faga001/vol:/home3/fa/faga001/vol/ readline-5.1:/home3/fa/faga001/vol/readline-5.1/lib

Still, readline is not detected by the configure script. I tried the commands:

./configure --with-readline="-L/$HOME/vol/readline"
./configure --with-readline="/$HOME/vol/readline"
./configure --with-readline=/$HOME/vol/readline
./configure --x-includes="-L/$HOME/vol/readline"
./configure --x-includes="/$HOME/vol/readline"
./configure --x-libraries="-L/$HOME/vol/readline"
./configure --x-libraries="/$HOME/vol/readline"

trying out the different path variants which I previously included in the $PATH variable. Nothing helps yet. According to printenv there is currently no kind of $LIBRARY or sth. like that defined, but maybe the path should rather be included in such an env. variable, I didn't find any hint in the documentation.

Has someone an idea how I should link my local readline correctly, so that the library is found not only during installtion but afterwards too?


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