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From: Luís Torgo <>
Date: Fri 03 Feb 2006 - 06:02:39 EST

On Thursday 02 February 2006 18:05, Walker, Russell wrote:
> I am interested in learning about people's experience with R training or
> courses. What worked, what didn't? What do you recommend?
In the last few years I have been doing several short (around 10 hours) courses on Data Mining using R. I've prepared them around the same ideas that guide the unfinished book I'm writing on the same topic ( , that is learning by case studies. I think that for a tool like R, with a learning curve that people tend to think as kind of steep, and for short courses, the hands on approach is a good means to motivate students. This obviously requires properly equipped classrooms but that is not difficult to get nowadays, particularly when using free software as R. The feedback I got from these courses was quite good and several students came back to me later on with further questions which is a good indication that they continued their involvement with R.

These courses were usually organized by proving short, non-demanding introductions to the key concepts, and then followed by longer hands on sessions where students try by themselves with real case studies. Because of this I tend to prefer a short number of students (15-25) to increase the interaction during the hands on parts. Still, I gave this course at last year ACAI summer school ( and eventhough there where about 50 students the course was successful.

Regarding topics I tend to start by simple case studies where I can illustrate basic concepts of data analysis using R together with the language itself, and then select larger cases studies depending on the interests of the audience.


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