[R] Mixed-effects models / heterogenous covariances

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Date: Fri 03 Feb 2006 - 12:33:32 EST

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> Subject: [R] Mixed-effects models / heterogeneous covariances
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> Dear R-list,

> maybe someone can help me with the following mixed-effects models
> problem, as I am unable to figure it out with the 'nlme-bible'.
> I would like to fit (in R, obviously) a so-called animal model (google
> e. g. "Heritability and genetic constraints of life-history" by Pettay
> et al.) to estimate the variance component that is due to genetic
> effects. The covariances of the genetic random effects between
> observations are given by the different degrees of relatedness between
> the individuals examined. (I find it difficult to explain, but Pettay
> et al. describe it nicely in their methods section...)
> Is there any straight-forward way to fit such a model with R? I first
> thought I could handle it somehow with nlme's correlation structures,
> but these within-group structures are quite a different thing, right?
> Any suggestions would be highly appreciated-
> Lutz
> --
> Lutz Ph. Breitling
> University of Leeds/UK

lmekin and coxme in Terry Therneau's kinship package may help.

David Duffy.

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