Re: [R] Infinite loop running Mod_R/Rapache

From: Jeffrey Horner <>
Date: Sat 04 Feb 2006 - 04:40:40 EST

BJ wrote:
> I installed mod_r according to the specifications, and have been trying
> to get the demo script to work correctly. I am running debian, the
> latest build of R, apache 2 with prefork mpm, and the latest mod_r. Is
> anyone else using this module successfully? I added:
> LoadModule R_module
> <Location /test/hello>
> SetHandler r-handler
> Rsource /var/www/html/test.R
> RreqHandler handler
> </Location>
> to my http.conf and
> test.R in /var/www/html is:
> handler<-function(r){
> apache.write(r,"<h1>Hello World!</h1>")
> OK
> }
> When I start apache2, my /tmp directory fills with rtmp directories
> until memory is exausted. The first time it created 32,000 before I
> noticed. Does anyone have any idea as to what I could be doing wrong, or
> have a software configuration that works? Thank you for all of your
> help. ~BJ

This is definitely an apache configuration problem. After responding to you privately about this issue, I got paranoid and checked the latest R/Apache code release (rapache-0.1.1) with the following debian packages:

apache2-common/unstable uptodate 2.0.55-4
apache2-utils/unstable uptodate 2.0.55-4
apache2-mpm-prefork/unstable uptodate 2.0.55-4
apache2-prefork-dev/unstable uptodate 2.0.55-4

I could not reproduce the behavior you are witnessing. Maybe you can send me (off-list) your /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/* and see if I can't help you troubleshoot.

But this bit of R creating a temp dir (for transient files?) needs to be handled more delicately in a server environment. I'm going to do some more digging in the R source... I hope I haven't made some glaringly wrong assumptions.

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