From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Sat 04 Feb 2006 - 04:00:58 EST

On Fri, 3 Feb 2006, Peter Dalgaard wrote:

> Martin Maechler <> writes:
>> Martyn> R is designed to run from its build directory. But
>> Martyn> if your sysadmin installs it with "make install" (as
>> Martyn> root), then the shell wrapper that is installed in
>> Martyn> /usr/local/bin/R will have R_HOME pointing to the
>> Martyn> right location (/usr/local/lib/R). Literally moving
>> Martyn> the build directory to another location is the wrong
>> Martyn> thing to do.
>> well, but very easily fixable, and that's what Daniel is asking
>> for:
>> The default value of R_HOME is only set in exactly one place,
>> namely the 'R' shell script; editing that script - once after
>> the move - is really a piece o'cake.
> Hmm, I was about to say the same, but there seems to be unexpected
> references in other places.
> find `R RHOME` | xargs grep `R RHOME`
> /usr/lib64/R/bin/R:R_HOME_DIR=/usr/lib64/R
> /usr/lib64/R/bin/R:R_SHARE_DIR=/usr/lib64/R/share
> /usr/lib64/R/bin/R:R_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/lib64/R/include
> /usr/lib64/R/bin/R:R_DOC_DIR=/usr/lib64/R/doc
> (this doesn't normally happen - a SUSE RPM specialty, or due to
> configure flag settings?)

That only happens in the installed copy. Martin is right if one is talking about moving the build tree (and Martyn is right that there is a lot of stuff that does not need to be installed in the build tree and that `make install' takes all the strain of copying the right bits).

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