Re: [R] Passing additional paramaters to nlsList(nlme) fit function

From: Dieter Menne <>
Date: Sun 05 Feb 2006 - 07:29:36 EST

Original question...

> > is it possible to pass additional parameters to the model function that are
> > known and groupwise constant with nlsList? I could not find something like a
> > "keep this fixed" option in the documentation and the code (my fault...?)

Spencer Graves <spencer.graves <at>> writes:

> The "nlsList" function does NOT have the common ellipsis ("..." )
> argument to support that.
> If it were my problem, I might make a local copy of the "nlsList"
> function and try to modify it to work, at least for my problem. In this
> case, "nlsList" is merely a call to "UseMethods". To get beyond that, I
> requested 'methods("nlsList")' with the following result:
> nlsList.formula nlsList.selfStart*

Thanks, Spencer. When I studied the quinModel example (page 380, Pinheiro/Bates) I noted that it is possible to pass non-varying parameters to nlme by not including them in the fixed=... parameter. As quite a few examples in PB used nlsList for the first approximation (and, as far I understand, nlme does it internally anyway) I had missed this feature of nlme, even if the PBbook  heavily use-stained.

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