[R] srt --- slope text with function?

From: ivo welch <ivowel_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun 05 Feb 2006 - 07:50:21 EST

[resent, plus small addition; I do not understand why gmail sent a weird charset.]

Dear R wizards:

I would love to write a general function that matches the slope of a plotted line in an xy-plot at a particular x,y location. something like

   x<- (1:10)^2; y<- 40:50;
   plot( x,y, type="l", xlim=c(0,90) )
   srt.at5 = text.at.current.plot.with.slope( x, y, 5);    text( x[5],y[5], pos=3, srt=srt.at.5);

to do this, I first need to compute the function slope around x[5], which is an easy task. alas, the harder task is that I need to scale this by the plot aspect ratio and the axes. How can a function read this from the current plot?

(Has someone written such a function, perhaps more embellished, to save me the debugging effort?)

Or, is there an alternative to srt, which slopes the text relative to the existing scale?

help appreciated.


/ivo welch

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