Re: [R] How to generate pitch strings

From: Atte Tenkanen <>
Date: Sun 05 Feb 2006 - 18:13:05 EST

> If I calculate a transition probability matrix, first order markov 12x12
> or second order 144x144 from musical pitch classes (0-11), is it possible
> to generate pitch class strings similar as those original strings using
> those probability matrix with R? If, how?
> Atte Tenkanen, Turku, Finland

I found this kind of solution:

j=1; a1=c();
Generated_Melody=c(1); #first note as a seed a1=sample(1:12, size=1, prob=PT_matrix[j,]) # a seed for the loop following

for (i in 1:100){ # length of the generated melody will be 100

	a1=sample(1:12, size=1, prob=PT_matrix[a1,])

# Generated_Melody=Generated_Melody-1; # to picht classes # Generated_Melody=Generated_Melody+59; # or to midi pitches

Atte Tenkanen

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