Re: [R] Glossay of available R functions

From: Patricia J. Hawkins <>
Date: Mon 06 Feb 2006 - 09:48:14 EST

>>>>> "PBR" == Prof Brian Ripley <> writes:

>> commenting that subset was new to him, though he did say "list of
>> functions in R". I'd searched through everything _else_ in the help
>> system looking for such a glossary; I hadn't thought to look under
>> *Packages*, as those are, of course, add-ons.

PBR> `Of course' is incorrect here. Everything in R is in a package.

Just my thinking at the time; once I realized that everything in R is a package, it occurred to me to look under the "packages" heading. But that was after reading the R Language Reference Manual, and working through a good bit of the Introduction To R.

>> So a comment such as "For an index of R basic objects, see the
>> 'base' package under *Packages*" on the help.start() index page
>> would be helpful.

PBR> But (as I originally pointed out), that is not a correct
PBR> interpretation of `basic'.  It might have been in R 1.8.0, but
PBR> the 'base' package is now intended to support only some scripting
PBR> operations (where speed is essential so it is minimal).  Unlike
PBR> Python, R is not primarily a scripting language.

Oh -- I understand; thank you. In retrospect, I was looking for the things clueless (or cluefull) newcomers should be familiar with before coming and bothering R-help with clueless newcomer questions.

I didn't mean to try your patience -- just to suggest a couple of links in the documentation so that well-written information that exists, and that *ought* to hit newcomers like a brick, would in fact hit us like a brick.

PBR> The analogue of the Python Standard Library is I think the PBR> standard packages.

Thank you! That's helpful.

Patricia J. Hawkins
Hawkins Internet Applications
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