Re: [R] readline detection problems

From: Alexandre Santos Aguiar <>
Date: Mon 06 Feb 2006 - 14:17:50 EST

> without root access.


In a "normal" Unix environment non root users can't install software. This is one of the reasons why Unix systems are more secure.

When you compile readline by "./configure; make; make install" some system files must be created: headers must be installed to include path used by cc and gcc, the compiled files must be copied to their proper location and perhaps a few symbolic links created.

All these steps are missing in your readline compilation due to lack of privilege and this is probably reported by make.

If readline was installed as a package by the system administrator, perhaps you need another package like readline-devel with library headers.

When you run ./configure for R compilation those readline headers are searched for and inspected for version and functionality, not only (and less likely) binaries.

Your attempt of changing shell variables will not work since kernels search for lib files only in root-only access disk regions and kernels do not care for shell variables exactly to avoid overriding legitimate libraries with code by non root users. It's a matter of security.

Actually your attempts may be taken as attempts of hacking the system... :-)


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