Re: [R] turn off selected axes in bwplot

From: William Briggs <>
Date: Tue 07 Feb 2006 - 06:17:37 EST


> Does this do what you want?
> bwplot(<...>,
> scales = list(x = list(alternating = 1, tck = c(1, 0))))
> This is described in detail under 'scales' in ?bwplot.

Not quite. This controls, if I've understood it correctly, the axis tick marks and such (I also tried the argument "draw=FALSE" in the list above).

The analogue I have in mind is the simple plot axes control like this

    plot(<...>, axes=FALSE)

which would only draw the bottom axis, with tick marks and label. Those arguments, of course, don't work for the lattice graphics, but I did notice a similar control in the panel.aixs() function, but I just don't know how to get to it. mailing list PLEASE do read the posting guide! Received on Tue Feb 07 06:25:11 2006

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