Re: [R] panel.levelplot() for 2D histograms

From: Vermeiren, Hans [VRCBE] <>
Date: Tue 07 Feb 2006 - 19:53:57 EST

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Subject: Re: panel.levelplot() for 2D histograms

On 2/6/06, Vermeiren, Hans [VRCBE] <> wrote:
> Dear R-wizards,
> I'm trying to plot "binned scatterplots", or 2d histograms, if you wish,
> a number of groups by using the lattice functionality
> it works fine for one group at a time, and probably I could find a
> work-around, but I prefer to do it the elegant way
> here's an example of what I want, what I tried and where it goes wrong:

If you are doing this for fun, read on. Otherwise, I suggest that you look at the hexbin package (available from bioconductor) for a better solution. The development version (to be released after R 2.3.0) already has a lattice-ified interface called 'hexbinplot'.

>> for fun ? yes and no, I really need this for my job, but otoh, working with R is always fun
>> thanks a lot for the pointer to hexbin, that's really what I was looking for, but i did read on and I'll try the grid.rect hint as well (just for fun)
>> thanks again,         

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