Re: [R] question about binary data file and data.frame

From: Barry Rowlingson <>
Date: Wed 08 Feb 2006 - 05:03:17 EST

www.brook@gmail wrote:
> I have a binary file with data sequence in the order

 What do you mean by 'binary file'?

> [age,weight][age,weight] ....

 How are age and weight encoded in this 'binary file'?

> I know the length of the data and I want to load it into a
> data.frame. of course a way to do this is to read age and weight
> seperately and then use cbin(age,weight) to combine them into a
> dataframe, but is there a better solution?

 Is it really an ASCII file? With age and weight separated by commas, and then age-weight pairs separated by spaces? Are there really square bracket pairs in there too?

 Or is it really a binary file, a series of 4 or 8-byte binary representations of age and weight?

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