[R] plotting lines that break if data break

From: Denis Chabot <chabotd_at_globetrotter.net>
Date: Wed 08 Feb 2006 - 13:29:20 EST


Sometimes data series (not necessarily time series) suffer breaks where data were expected, but not collected. Often the regular "lines" command to add such data to a plot is what I want, but other times I'd like the line to break where the data series is interrupted, instead of the line jumping to the next point in the series uninterrupted. Usually my data file contain one value of x but none of y, but alternatively a break could also appear as a NA value for both x and y.

I have found I could use the "segments" command instead of "lines", but this seems to require I manipulate my data (which may or may not contain breaks, and the number of breaks can vary if there are breaks at all).

Is there another command that works like "lines" but will break the line if the data series suffer an interruption?


Denis Chabot

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