Re: [R] ARULES --> Filtering Rules by RHS

From: Seth Falcon <>
Date: Thu 09 Feb 2006 - 02:26:22 EST

On 8 Feb 2006, wrote:
> I would like to only inspect rules that contain a certain label
> substring on the rhs. In this special case the item labels are built
> like this:
> <itemtype>_<itemvalue> e.g. "Artikelgruppe_E0815" what I want to do
> is only show rules where "Artikelgruppe" is contained in the rhs -
> has anybody an idea how this could work?

I think there is a rhs() method you can use to get an itemMatrix instance containing just the RHS. Then one options might be something like (untested):

isets <- LIST(items(rhs(foo)))

lapply(isets, function(x) grep("Artikelgruppe", isets))

oop, I just realized: do you mean RHS of the association rule or RHS of the <foo>_<bar>?


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