Re: [R] Bloomberg Data Import to R

From: Vivek Satsangi <>
Date: Thu 09 Feb 2006 - 02:58:15 EST

Hi Sumanta,

  1. This messages is much more appropriate for the sig-finance DL instead. Consider signing up (I read up on Amba, so I am sure you have good contributions to make in that forum).
  2. To my knowledge, there isn't a direct package. However, if you use Bloomberg's excel plugin, just get the data into excel, save and then bring it in "as usual". I suspect that that's what you are doing already.
  3. You may have better luck with the S-Plus plugins. I am just getting started (an don't have any support/maintenace contract), so I don't know what all Insightful has up its sleeve, but I talked to Carol Wedekind about this just thing yesterday. Dr. Yollin, who also listens in on the sig-finance list, may be able to advise you better about what exists.

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>Subject: [R] Bloomberg Data Import to R
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>Hi R-Experts,

>Can anyone tell me how Bloomberg data can be directly downloaded to R?
>Is there any package?

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