Re: [R] [R-sig-Geo] envi clone in R

From: Barry Rowlingson <>
Date: Thu 09 Feb 2006 - 05:09:19 EST

Wladimir Eremeev wrote:
> Hello all,
> Research Systems ( have developed and distributes the language IDL,
> and the GIS ENVI, written in IDL.

  I find it hard to believe they wrote it all in IDL! I'm guessing its probably scriptable in IDL, but underneath its written in something else... I could be wrong though!

> To my oppinion, R language is superior, compared to IDL, in all aspects.
> However, ENVI is the rather convenient and feature rich tool.

  I clicked on 'Product Documentation' on the ENVI site and it wanted me to log in or create a new user. To see the documentation? To find out what the program is about?

  Oh, what I really wanted was the Feature Tour..

> Is anyone aware about any work, dedicated to the creation of
> something, similar to the ENVI, but in R?

  Last year I looked at GIS-R linkages, with the added criteria of being open source and cross-platform. There are now a few free GIS packages that can do this kind of thing, with a little added glue.

  I settled on OpenEV - it has vector and raster support, its extensible in Python and uses Gtk for dialogs which you can customise. All I needed was to get Python talking to R, so I wrote some Python bindings to Rserve. Now I've got a GIS with a menu that drops down, you choose the point layers you want to work on, click 'Go', and R does some analysis that ends up as a raster layer back in the GIS. The user doesnt care that R did it.

Other GIS solutions are available!

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