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From: Tim Keitt <>
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I hope you will share your code! We've been using QGIS and I have in mind just such an interface to R.

We have ENVI in the lab and it is very powerful for image processing. It would take many many person years to reproduce all of the advanced algorithms in that package. (It does a lot of simple operations as well and those could easily be recoded in R.)

THK On Wed, 2006-02-08 at 18:09 +0000, Barry Rowlingson wrote:
> Wladimir Eremeev wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > Research Systems ( have developed and distributes the language IDL,
> > and the GIS ENVI, written in IDL.

> I find it hard to believe they wrote it all in IDL! I'm guessing its
> probably scriptable in IDL, but underneath its written in something
> else... I could be wrong though!
> > To my oppinion, R language is superior, compared to IDL, in all aspects.
> > However, ENVI is the rather convenient and feature rich tool.

> I clicked on 'Product Documentation' on the ENVI site and it wanted me
> to log in or create a new user. To see the documentation? To find out
> what the program is about?
> Oh, what I really wanted was the Feature Tour..
> > Is anyone aware about any work, dedicated to the creation of
> > something, similar to the ENVI, but in R?
> Last year I looked at GIS-R linkages, with the added criteria of being
> open source and cross-platform. There are now a few free GIS packages
> that can do this kind of thing, with a little added glue.
> I settled on OpenEV - it has vector and raster support, its extensible
> in Python and uses Gtk for dialogs which you can customise. All I needed
> was to get Python talking to R, so I wrote some Python bindings to
> Rserve. Now I've got a GIS with a menu that drops down, you choose the
> point layers you want to work on, click 'Go', and R does some analysis
> that ends up as a raster layer back in the GIS. The user doesnt care
> that R did it.
> Other GIS solutions are available!
> Barry
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