Re: [R] Tranferring R results to word prosessors

From: Tom Backer Johnsen <>
Date: Sat 11 Feb 2006 - 05:06:59 EST

At 11:42 10.02.2006 -0300, CENDOYA, Maria Gabriela wrote:
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>Hi Tom:
> May be I didn't understand your question but, what I do to cut
>and paste results from say summary.lm, in a word processors without losing
>the nice shape of the R Console, is to choose the same type of letter in

That works -- to some extent. But, that means that the formatting of the table is completely dependent on the number of spaces between the elements. It is essentially the same kind of formatting of tables I did on my first typewriter about 40 years ago. Any nontrivial change is troublesome, and you have to stick to fixed size fonts like Courier. Modern editors have moved far beyond that point.

This is about generating a table in a text document from R type output. This type of table increases flexibility in respect to formatting.

> I mean, in my R Gui preferences I use Courier New size 10,
>then if I choose that type of letter in my word processors, I see the same
>in both windows.



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