[R] SUMMARY: aggregate vs. tapply

From: Joseph LeBouton <lebouton_at_msu.edu>
Date: Mon 13 Feb 2006 - 02:36:50 EST

Hi all;

Thanks for the responses to my query of how to make tapply into a table instead of an n-dimensional array. Summary of responses follows:

Peter Dalgaard:

Phil Spector wrote:
z = tapply(y,list(var1,var2,var3,var4),sum) data.frame(do.call('expand.grid',dimnames(z)),y=do.call('rbind',as.list(z)))

Hans Gardfjell:
tmp <-
data.frame(A=sample(LETTERS[1:5],10,replace=T),B=sample(letters[1:5],10,replace=T),C=rnorm(10)) tmp1 <- with(tmp,aggregate(C,list(A=A,B=B),sum)) tmp2 <- expand.grid(A=sort(unique(tmp$A)),B=sort(unique(tmp$B))) merge(tmp2,tmp1,all.x=T)

hadley wickham:
Well, you can almost do this in with the reshape package: tmp <-
data.frame(A=sample(LETTERS[1:5],10,replace=T),B=sample(letters[1:5],10,replace=T),C=rnorm(10)) a <- recast(tmp, A + B ~ ., sum)
# see also recast(tmp, A ~ B, sum)
add.all.combinations(a, row="A", cols = "B")

Good thing there are so many code cats around, 'cause we have so darn many ways to skin 'em. Thanks again to all who took the time to answer!!


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