Re: [R] Plotting contour & filled.contour in one graph

From: Romain Francois <>
Date: Mon 13 Feb 2006 - 04:38:32 EST

Le 12.02.2006 18:20, Spencer Graves a écrit :
> Hi Michael and Gabor:
> (...)
> MICHAEL: The "Addicted to R" web site with it's "R Graph Gallery" are
> pretty. Is a companion package downloadable from CRAN
Not yet. That's something i've wanted to do in a long time (since the beginning I think), but ...
> , or are they
> still looking for volunteers to create the necessary help files, etc.?
Anyone with ideas could volonteer something. Recently, i've done something so that users can make comments about specified regions of a graphic. See graph 29 for a first use of that toy, move the mouse on top of the graphic, you should see it .. . (I hope that works ok with several browsers, because javascript is involved)

A little sister of the R Graph Gallery could be a movie gallery created with R. For example :
* illustration of the CLT
* convergence of the EM algorithm (there is an example here : ) * kernel density estimation varying the bandwidth * etc ....

Let me know if you feel like you want to help doing something


visit the R Graph Gallery :
mixmod 1.7 is released :
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