[R] Discriminant analysis to select best treatment

From: Felipe Martínez-Pastor <Felipe.Martinez_at_uclm.es>
Date: Mon 13 Feb 2006 - 05:10:14 EST

I am designing an experiment to trial several analytic techniques on samples submitted to different treatments. It has occurred to me that I may use discriminant analysis to find out which kind of analysis best reveals differences between treatments.

I have found the lda {MASS} in R. However, I am not sure if it is adequate to my case, since it performs linear discriminant analysis but --apparently-- not variable selection. In SAS I would use the STEPDISC procedure, whose description is:
"uses forward selection, backward elimination, or stepwise selection to try to find a subset of quantitative variables that best reveals differences among the classes."

I wonder if I could use lda or other function in that way. Maybe you could point me to any resource (I am really new in discriminant analysis).

Thank you.

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