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From: Pikounis, Bill [CNTUS] <>
Date: Mon 13 Feb 2006 - 15:19:39 EST

Hello Altshuler:
Complete, helpful details related to what Duncan Murdoch points out below are in the R Installation and Administration manual. If you wish to build and use R without "admin access" in a "Unix-alike", see chapter 2. (Can't tell from your message except for your message of shell and PuTTY.)

I am able for example to use R on a orphan Linux machine at work where I have no influence on configuration: I just built R from source in my home directory as the manual instructs, and then set an alias in my .bash_profile file like:

alias R='/home/bpikouni/downloads/R-2.2.1/bin/R'

Works like a charm thru SSH PuTTY (Windows) with X11 forwarding and a local Cygwin X-server installed for graphical devices.

Hope that helps,

Bill Pikounis, PhD
Nonclinical Statistics
Centocor, Inc.

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> > Hello!
> >
> > I have such trouble: I like R, but often I don't have administrator
> > permissions to install R on some (not mine) computers.
> Current versions of R don't need admin access to install.
> Just change
> the default directory to one where you have write permission.
> Duncan Murdoch
> >
> > Could you give me shell on any server with R installed in
> order to apply
> > R without installing it (simply with PuTTY).
> >
> > Great thanks!
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