Re: [R] appeal --- add sd to summary for univariates

From: Patricia J. Hawkins <>
Date: Sun 12 Feb 2006 - 09:09:47 EST

>>>>> "iw" == ivo welch <> writes:

iw> just a short beg for the next R 2.3 version:
iw> I know it is easy to add the sd into summary() in the source bowels of
iw> R---but everytime R is updated, my change disappears.  :-(.  I do not
iw> believe that R has an easy extension mechanism for univariate
iw> summaries, short of a function rewrite here.  Could this please be
iw> added into R 2.3?

Surely this is the sort of change one puts in a profile file, presumably .RProfile? Or is there a reason against that?

Patricia J. Hawkins
Hawkins Internet Applications

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