Re: [R] Survreg(), Surv() and interval-censored data

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Date: Tue 14 Feb 2006 - 04:25:33 EST

How have you defined "event?"


event: The status indicator, normally 0=alive, 1=dead. Other

          choices are T/F (TRUE = death) or 1/2 (2=death). For interval
          censored data, the status indicator is 0=right censored, 1=
          event at 'time', 2=left censored, 3=interval censored.
          Although unusual, the event indicator can be omitted, in
          which case all subjects are assumed to have an event.

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Subject: [R] Survreg(), Surv() and interval-censored data

Can survreg() handle interval-censored data like the documentation says? I ask because the command:

     survreg(Surv(start, stop, event) ~ 1, data = heart)

fails with the error message

     Invalid survival type

yet the documentation for Surv() states:

     "Presently, the only methods allowing interval censored data are
      the parametric models computed by 'survreg'"

Any pointers as to what I'm missing?


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