Re: [R] glmmPQL and random effects

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Tue 14 Feb 2006 - 12:45:20 EST

          With repeated measures, you will want to use the "correlation" argument in "glmmPQL". For help with how to do that, you need to know that "glmmPQL" calls "lme" repeatedly. Therefore, if you have any trouble using it, I suggest you consult Pinheiro and Bates (2000) Mixed-Effects Models in S and S-PLUS (Springer). Over the past five years, I may have consulted this book more frequently than any other, second only perhaps to Venables and Ripley (2002) Modern Applied Statistics with S, 4th ed. (Springer). If you don't have these books, I suggest you consider purchasing them -- and / or recommending to your university library that they obtain copies. I see on "" that they invite "Sugerencias de Adquisitión".

          If you can't get "glmmPQL" to work with your favorite model, I suggest you try passing the problem directly to "lme", possibly with random numbers for a response. After I was confident I understood the "lme" syntax, I'd then return to "glmmPQL".

          If you still have troubles, please submit another post -- after first the posting guide! "". I believe the people who more closely follow the procedure in the Posting Guide are on average rewarded by a faster rate of new knowledge acquisition. I have only anecdotes to support that conjecture, but anecdotes can be valuable in the absence of more systematic data collection and analysis.

          Espero que estos commentos le ayude.

          Spencer Graves  wrote:

> Hello R users,
> I am trying to run a model with a binary response variable (nesting
> success: 0 failure, 1 success) and 8 fixed terms. Nesting success was
> examined in 72 cases in 34 territories (TER) during a 6 study years.
> Territories are nested within 14 patches (PATCH). I want to run a model
> taking into account these nested factors and repeated observation. To do
> this, I assume that the best option is to use glmmPQL from MASS package.
> Am I wrong?
> In glmmPQL, I have included the random terms as follow:
> random=~1|YEAR/PATCH/TER, but I am unclear if this syntax is right for
> this case (?).
> I would greatly appreciate any help!
> Regards,
> Hugo
> Hugo Robles
> Department of Animal Biology
> University of León (Spain)
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