Re: [R] Parallel computing in R for dummies--how to optimize an external model?

From: Jasjeet Singh Sekhon <>
Date: Tue 14 Feb 2006 - 22:02:26 EST

Hi Scott,

It is difficult to debug your issue without more information. Would it be possible to email me code of a simple example?


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Waichler, Scott R writes:
> I am trying to use the optimizing function genoud() with the snow
> package on a couple of i686 machines running Redhat Linux WS4 . I don't
> know anything about PVM or MPI, so I just followed the directions in
> snow and rgenoud for the simplest method and started a socket cluster.
> My function fn for genoud involves updating an input file for a separate
> numerical model with the latest parameter set from the optimizer,
> running the (compiled) model on the input file with system(), and
> processing the output including calculation of objective function. The
> whole process works on the localhost machine in one cpu, and I can see
> that an R session is created in the second, non-localhost machine, but
> it doesn't seem to be doing anything. All of the model runs generated
> by the application of genoud take place in the cpu. What am I missing?
> I can see where there would be a conflict in having multiple processors
> trying to access the same system model input file at once, but I don't
> see any indication of that type of problem.
> Grateful for any help,
> Scott Waichler
> Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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