[R] How to handle large dataframes?

From: Christian Bieli <christian.bieli_at_unibas.ch>
Date: Wed 15 Feb 2006 - 01:24:23 EST

Dear all

I imported a Stata .dta file with the read.dta-function from the foreign-package. The dataframe's dimensions are

> dim(d.apc)

[1] 15806 1300

Importing needs up to 15 min and calculations with these data are rather slow (although I subset the data before starting analyses).

My questions are:
1. Has someone experiences importing Stata files (alternatives to read.dta) ?
2. To my knowledge R should not have problems handling dataframes of this size. Is there something I can do after importing that makes data handling faster?

My hardware is up-to-date (Intel P4, 3 Ghz, 1 GB RAM) and I work on a Windows XP platform.
I am working on a Windows XP platform with R version 2.1 (all packages updated).

Thanks for your answers.

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