[R] Pairwise comparison after repeated measures ANOVA

From: Felipe Martínez-Pastor <Felipe.Martinez_at_uclm.es>
Date: Wed 15 Feb 2006 - 23:39:03 EST

I am analyzing some data obtained after measuring some parameters at different times in samples obtained from many subjects. The model is quite simple: aov(parameter ~ Time + Error(Subject/Time))

Now I want to make a pairwise comparison between the levels of Time. However, I have not find how to do such a thing. I cannot use TukeyHSD or pairwise.t.test, I supposse. Maybe using contrasts?

Could you aim me at some kind of information? All I have found is information on ANOVA, but not how to compare the levels of the factors afterwards.

Maybe I simply do not understand how this really works, my background is not very deep in statistics.
Thank you.


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