Re: [R] wilcox.test returned estimates

From: Gregory Snow <>
Date: Thu 16 Feb 2006 - 09:02:42 EST

If you really want to look at the difference between 2 medians, then consider using permutation tests and bootstrapping for the interval.

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Hi all,

I have being using wilcox.test to test for differences between 2 independent samples. I had understood the difference in location to be conventionally the difference in the sample medians however this is not the case when implemented in R. I have tied ranks and therefore non-exact p-value and confidence intervals are calculated due to the normal approximation. But what exactly is this normal approximation i.e. how is it involved in estimating the location difference?

Further, is it then wrong to refer to the difference in location as the difference between the medians? Does anyone have a more appropriate description?


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