[R] Variance for Vector of Constants is Not Zero

From: Barry Zajdlik <bzajdlik_at_sentex.net>
Date: Fri 17 Feb 2006 - 06:29:34 EST

Hi All,

An annoying but not critical problem I am having is that the variance of a vector of constants is reported as > 0. I imagine there is a simple workaround for the following but could not find it after having spent an embarrassing amount of time.

In Splus:

> x<-rep(0.02,10)
> var(x)
> 0

In R:


I assumed the problem had to do with machine precision and suitably modified .Machine$double.eps and .Machine$double.neg.eps which I thought would fix the problem but without success. Any pointers to a solution would be appreciated!

Barry Zajdlik

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