Re: [R] MANOVA: how do I read off within and between Sum-of-Squares info from the manova result?

From: hadley wickham <>
Date: Mon 20 Feb 2006 - 09:34:17 EST

> However, I have yet to encounter such a case. If I had time to pursue
> a modeling effort beyond simple univeriate analyses, I thing I would
> move to "structural equation modeling" (package sem) or "partial least
> squares". "RSiteSearch" can lead you to R capabilities for these. (See
> also "").

Another option is to look at your data in their original high dimensional space, eg., with the grand tour in GGobi (, MANOVA tests the hypothesis that the means are different (assuming multivariate normality and a common variance-covariance matrix). By looking at your data you can investigate more interesting hypotheses - are the groups overlapping? is there a linear or non-linear separation between the groups? are the responses highly correlated?

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