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From: Yi-Xiong Zhou <yixiong_us_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon 20 Feb 2006 - 13:05:10 EST


I am having trouble to write/create a table, which has a date field. I want to create a stock price table, which has fields of ticker, date, price. First, I created such a table in Microsoft Access with a few rows inputs. Using sqlQuery, I found that the date field was retrieved as POSIXct value. Then I made a data.frame with POSIXct as the data type for dates. However, I received the following errors when I was executing the sqlSave:

> price = data.frame(ticker=rep("FMDEX",5))
> price$date=c(as.POSIXct("2003-1-1"),

as.POSIXct("2003-1-2"), as.POSIXct("2003-1-3"), as.POSIXct("2003-1-4"), as.POSIXct("2003-1-5"))
> price$price=1:5
> price

  ticker       date price
1  FMDEX 2003-01-01     1
2  FMDEX 2003-01-02     2
3  FMDEX 2003-01-03     3
4  FMDEX 2003-01-04     4
5  FMDEX 2003-01-05     5

> sqlSave(h, price, rownames=F)

Error in sqlSave(h, price, rownames = F) :

        [RODBC] ERROR: Could not SQLExecDirect 37000 -3553 [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error in field definition.

I am using R2.2.1 with RODBC library, on a Dell P5 computer with winXP Pro and office 2003.

Thanks for your helps.


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