Re: [R] Matrix with p-values with reference to a correlation matrix

From: Frank E Harrell Jr <>
Date: Tue 21 Feb 2006 - 00:19:45 EST

Smit, R. (Robin) wrote:
> Dear mailing list member
> I have got the following question:
> The function "cor.test(x1, x2)$p.value" computes the statistical
> significance of the correlation between vectors x1 and x2.
> However, I have got a data matrix with many variables.
> Instead of typing in all possible combinations, I was wondering if there
> is perhaps an R-function that produces a matrix showing the statistical
> significance (p-value) of each correlation (with a similar format as the
> correlation matrix).
> Kind regards,
> Robin Smit

This was answered just a few days ago in r-help. One way is

rcorr(data matrix)

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