[R] doubt on periodogram

From: Pradeep Gunda <pradeep.gunda_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue 21 Feb 2006 - 04:15:55 EST

hi all,

I am using the periodogram function provided by the "GeneTS" library in R. The periodogram function takes a time-series as input and returns a spec(a vector of values) and their frequencies. My requirement is, I have to loop through the values in this spec and then remove some of these, depending on whether they exceed some cutoff. I could not find any function to loop through the elements of spec in periodogram. Could you inform how I can do this.


> myts <- ts(c(1,2,3,40,3,2,5,40,2,3,1,40), frequency=1);
> myper <- periodogram(myts);
> myper


[1,] 1.900321e+00
[2,] 8.333333e-02
[3,] 1.064833e+03
[4,] 5.833333e-01
[5,] 2.766346e+00
[6,] 1.045333e+03

[1] 0.08333333 0.16666667 0.25000000 0.33333333 0.41666667 0.50000000

my cutoff is 4.00 and I wasnt to discard all the values in the above spec vector which are less than 4. Could you help me how could I do that. I did not find any attributes or functions in periodogram through which I can do this.

Thanks and Regards,
Pradeep Kumar Gunda

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